"Dare To Dream Bigger!"

Mill Park Imagineering Foundation is a non-profit group, registered with Washington State as a 501c3, organized to facilitate the acquisition and development of the old Yakima Cascade Mill site. The proposed development includes several elements and phases intended to improve the Yakima Valley’s living environment and economy, making the area more attractive to businesses and visitors.



The Mill Park development builds on the positive aspects of the Yakima area
highlighting its history, diversity, agriculture, athletics, and ecology while
looking to the future.

Areas and elements that have been proposed for the Mill Park District
include; a year-round indoor farmers market similar to Pikes Place
Market in Seattle, a multi-sports facility, which may accommodate an
Olympic sized ice arena suitable for Hockey or figure skating, an aquatic
center which would include an Olympic sized pool, and a baseball stadium.
The arena could also be used for other entertainment and commercial events.

Other ideas are; a themed hotel, time-share villas, an events venue which
could facilitate indoor and outdoor weddings, conferences and other
celebrations and events. Plans include a downtown shopping and
entertainment area similar to Downtown Disney™ which contains

specialty shops, family centered activities, a themed restaurant;
a Living Space science center, and a theme park with several areas
and attractions designed in such a way that the various areas can
be opened or closed for seasonal operations or special events.

Each proposed element of the Mill Park Development will be further
explained in the following sections. It is understood that the Mill Park
idea is still evolving and subject to change, but the highlighted elements
of the proposed development have garnered the most interest and

The goal of the development is not to relocate established
Yakima Valley businesses, but build on those that are already here,
utilizing under used gems in the valley and drawing in new businesses
and visitors to the valley and the downtown area.


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